Guest Post : Four Ways to Stop Back Pain from Giving you Sleepless Nights

Back pain can ruin any number of things, but it especially makes getting a good night of sleep impossible. We all know how important it is, especially good, restful sleep. When we don’t sleep, we don’t feel good. This is a vicious cycle, but, thankfully, there are ways to challenge it.   Eat to Heal Joint Pain   A balanced diet is important to us … Continue reading Guest Post : Four Ways to Stop Back Pain from Giving you Sleepless Nights

How much is too little?

One of our good friends came over to stay for a week recently. She has stayed with us before but I never really paid that much attention to how long she took to get ready each day. By ‘get ready’ I mean from the moment she walks into the bathroom in the morning until she comes out of her room ready for the day. This … Continue reading How much is too little?

Flying with kids

I am notorious for my terrible memory. I forget as much as I remember but the up side to this is that I usually forget the things that make me sad/angry/worried/stressed etc. The down side is that this usually results in me repeating said action that made me sad/angry/worried/stressed. The best example of this is flying with my kids. Before getting to that though, I … Continue reading Flying with kids

The Women’s Wellness Event 2018

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As a woman who’s all about women empowerment, education and living our best lives, I absolutely love attending events that aim to do exactly that. Yesterday fellow blogger Nadia, the mama behind The Non-Adventures of a Stay-at-Home-Mom and I attended The Women’s Wellness Event The event was hosted by the charismatic and uber-talented Sarah Graham and super inspirational and energetic Jeanne van… Continue reading The Women’s Wellness Event 2018

2018 Goals (The long version)

I am a terrible goal setter. Mostly because my memory sucks and I forget where I wrote them down 😂 So I’m going to leave this list right here for me to come back and assess my progress during the year. #1 – Drop a dress size<<< s may not seem like a lot to do, it's just one size right? Ha! I have been … Continue reading 2018 Goals (The long version)